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Times are changing fast and corporate cultures that continuously increase pressure on employees to perform more with less resources can affect morale and create resentment and resignation. This in turn may result in behavioural, mindset and emotional issues and hinder performance. Managers can no longer confidently achieve the results they used to be able to achieve simply by applying technical skills, knowledge and experience.

Clients working with me successfully are prepared to examine their management style and ensure that leaders address fundamental human needs such as conversation, coordination, effective listening, building trust, dignity, mood, authenticity and purpose.

Coaching can improve relationships, performance and contribute to business success
Companies recognise their return on investment and regard managers and employees as a valuable asset to the business. They know that coaching can improve morale, motivation and relationships, promote a sense of responsibility and accomplishment, enhance understanding of culture and provide recognition, thus having a positive effect on employee engagement and retention. All these factors improve performance and contribute to business success.


What all my clients have in common is a management style that inspires employees to reach their full potential, and the desire to make a difference by supporting their leaders in embracing change. Even during a downturn in the economy, striving for excellence and continuous improvement, as well as promoting effective listening skills in both managers and employees, is an integral part of their corporate culture. My clients recognise all this is needed to keep ahead of the competition.



Everyone has to cope with change and manage stress at some point in their life. Clients come to me for guidance when they have something in their life they want to change but are not sure how, or feel stuck in the same habits and patterns of action, or feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with the pace of change. Change could be required due to fast changing technology and practices in the professional environment. Changes brought about by a significant person in your life can affect you deeply. Have you recently moved house? Are you looking for a new job?

Do you want to re-discover what you value most? Do you want to learn how to act from a new perspective? Are you open to exploring how you can thrive in change?

The role of coaching is to unleash your natural skills, resources and creativity


Clients working with me successfully understand that at the heart of coaching is the belief that people have their own answers within, and the role of coaching is to unleash their natural skills, resources and creativity. Clients also know that in coaching their wellbeing is my sole concern and they set their own pace of change.

Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the issues I help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, I invite you to learn more about How I Work and the results to expect.





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