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“Working with Heather as a coach is a truly positive experience. When professionally going through a period of uncertainty, she has been a great sounding board, and far beyond. Our conversations have provided strong focus for me in an environment of major change,

If you need a coach who adds value with a personal touch, I recommend Heather
in an independent way and without any other agenda than my personal well-being. Heather's insights and guidance always allowed me taking a step back and tackling specific situations in the most optimal way, free of frustrations or concerns, but with respect for my style and preferences. With her long corporate career she can really bring her personal experience, as she has been there and lived it all herself. If you need a coach who adds value with a personal touch, I recommend Heather - it surely worked for me!”
Christophe, Manager, Brussels, Belgium

“Travailler avec Heather m'a permis entre autres de découvrir qu'un business coaching et un développement personnel sont intimement liés et permettent d'accomplir une évolution complète et équilibrée. J'ai particulièrement apprécié le travail sur le corps, les énergies et la connexion entre le mental, le physique et l'émotionnel. Cela m'a permis de mieux ressentir ma place dans les organisations professionnelles, humaines, sociales auxquelles j'appartiens.”
Fabian, indépendant, Bruxelles, Belgique

“I have known Heather in a professional capacity for about 3 years. Since setting up her business Heather has been a great support to me in not only professional matters but personal too. Heather has coached me on how to handle various situations and suggested techniques on how to stay calm, focused and organised. I love working with Heather and hope that the relationship continues in the future.”
Sarah, H.R. Associate, Midlands, UK

Examples of other clients I have helped to thrive in change are:

  • Managers and employees seeking creative solutions to change due to an acquisition or change in managerial approaches
  • Self employed people wanting to improve their business relationships
  • Customer service teams seeking to improve their communication skills
  • Managers seeking to improve their supervisory skills and manage stress
  • Individuals in career transition who want to review where they have been, where they are and where they want to go next
  • Executives and their families adapting to an international assignment so they feel they belong and can temporarily settle in their host country


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