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What’s it like to work with me? On this page I will give you a sense of how I approach coaching with my clients, my philosophy and the unique mix of skills I offer.


My purpose is to help people meaningfully reconnect with their passion for life and work and learn how to thrive in change and manage stress. When people are fulfilling their true purpose they focus with enthusiasm, are highly effective, and create balance in their lives that enables them to be their authentic self in all walks of life.


The art and practice of ontological coaching expands the way you see the world, so that you have greater choices for action as you aim to achieve your desired results. My coaching is based on an ontological model that works with language, body and emotions because all three are integrally related to our existence as human beings and only when there is coherency between all three can we be truly authentic.

We know from neuroscience that the part of the brain that remembers theory (neo-cortex) is different from the part of the brain that gives us the capacity to change our behaviour when taking action (limbic brain).

This holistic approach enables you to embody new learning even when under pressure

In order to reach both parts of the brain, coaching works with conversations, with body language and movement and explores emotional reactions. This holistic approach to coaching instils new learning at a level which enables you to embody it, so that you are able to change your behaviour consistently, even when under pressure.

Through active listening, conversations, asking questions to create a new awareness, acknowledging and exploring your emotions and how they move you into action, you will discover different actions you can take to get the desired results you want to create in your life. We also work with body dispositions to create powerful presence and discover the right energy and mood for each situation.

We explore cultural differences, first by acknowledging who you are as a result of your cultural background and experience of life up till now which affects the way you perceive a situation. We discover and consider your core values, core beliefs and core needs and find the best way to make these serve you in your life as you choose it.

I work with your natural skills, resources and creativity. Coaching recognises your autonomy as a human being and that you alone are competent to decide what makes sense for you, what kind of life you want to have and what kind of person you want to be.


You are unique and when you are looking for a coach you will want to find the best one that meets your precise needs.

Many years of experience in international business and human resources management enables me to fully understand the everyday demands of business and the inherent need to be able to thrive in change and survive stress.

I offer coaching that can transform your perspective and enable you to meaningfully reconnect with your passion for life and work.
Your cultural background and experience of life up till now affect the way you perceive a situation
Ontological coaching focuses on a way of being rather than a way of doing. It is based on self-awareness, including awareness of language, emotions, moods and the body. Because ontological coaching is the door to self-awareness and the ability to evolve, it is a key ingredient to successfully navigating change as the pace and complexity increase.

During my sessions I draw on approaches and techniques from various branches of psychology including humanistic approaches, neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness and cognitive-behavioural therapy; although ontological coaching itself is not a therapy. I am also an EFT Practitioner trained in Body Energy Techniques. EFT is tapping on the acupuncture points to help to clear energy imbalances and blockages in the body meridians and body energy fields.

Now that you have a better idea about my approach and philosophy, I invite you to go to my Benefits of Coaching page to learn about the results you can expect.




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