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"Coaching is like sitting round a camp fire watching the flames dance.  A log is added from time to time but space is left for oxygen to reach the flames, space is created to reflect and create, and then suddenly a little flame bursts into light and ideas flow"

Willingness to learn, evolve and actively engage in the coaching process brings the best results.
You set your own pace of change, results may become evident quickly or may take several months to develop. Coaching builds on your natural skills, resources and creativity and your wellbeing is always my sole concern.


In times of organisational change, coaching nurtures employee engagement and reduces stress by providing individuals with an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, to explore the value of their role and to build a sense of shared purpose when they may have to review the foundation on which they have built their work in order to contribute to the organisation’s broader strategy and priorities.

Companies that work with me can affect desirable and sustainable changes through coaching.
Imagine an organisation in which commitments are made clearly, taken seriously and employees are personally responsible for owning and actively managing their commitments. There are no unexpected, last-minute issues because people are always on top of things, always communicating and re-negotiating, modifying commitments in real-time. Everyone expects promises to be kept and to be actively managed; people who fail to manage a commitment are challenged within a culture of trust, authenticity, responsibility, personal accountability and teamwork. Within this kind of organisation, imagine the impact on morale, effectiveness, productivity and results.


When you work with me you can expect to gain awareness of your mental, physical and emotional being, thus enabling you to reach a new understanding of self and others and transform beyond self-imposed limitations. You will identify your core needs and strengths, have the opportunity to embody new behaviours and find the possibility to expand beyond self-limiting beliefs. This new way of being enables you to explore new paths which lead you to your desired goals, increases your self-esteem and self-confidence. Thus you will be able to create new effective approaches to achieving your greatest potential while embracing the serenity to accept that which cannot be changed.

Now that you have a better idea about the benefits of coaching, I invite you to go to my Client Success Stories page to see examples of how coaching might benefit you.




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