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  • Would you like to learn how to thrive in change and manage stress?  

  • Are you successful, yet longing to reconnect meaningfully with your passion for life and work?

  • Would you like to find your true purpose in life and thereby achieve your full potential?



“Great Oaks from little Acorns grow”   

Coaching is like nurturing an acorn so it can grow into a mighty oak.


I offer transformational coaching by creating awareness of your mental, physical and emotional being. This enables you to gain a new perspective of problems, bring clarity to your actions and find innovative solutions.


I offer my extensive experience in human resources management in international companies which has given me insight into understanding the challenges and stressful situations managers and individuals are facing on a daily basis in business today.

Examples of clients I have worked with successfully are: 

  • Managers and individuals seeking creative solutions to change
  • Successful people overwhelmed by the current demands of a hectic lifestyle 
  • People wanting to improve their business relationships
  • Teams seeking to improve their communication skills
  • Individuals in career transition
  • Executives and their families adapting to the challenges of an international assignment

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I invite you to sign up for my free, inspirational newsletter.
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